Amon-Ra St. Brown Trade Options

Amon-Ra St. Brown for Mike Evans
Amon-Ra St. Brown/Mike Boone for Courtland Sutton/Rachaad White
Stay put

Tied for 1st at 4-1 in 10 team 1/2 PPR.
Current WRs: Chase(keeper), Pittman, Lockett, St. Brown, Dotson, Pierce
Current RBs: Ekeler, Fournette, J Wilson, Singletary, Carter, Boone, Mitchell(IR)

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Welcome aboard!

You put that team together and you’re asking the knuckleheads here for advice? God bless you, man!

I see why you’re trading for White, and I commend you for it. Reinforcing your Fournette position is good thinking. I’m just not sure you’re getting enough value for St. Brown in that deal. What other WR’s are available from that team?

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WRs on that team are: Sutton, Mike Williams, Devonta Smith, Meyers, Pickens, Michael Thomas, Julio

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I’d go for Williams instead of Sutton. He has some good upside, albeit a little injury history, but he also plays with Justin Herbert instead of Russell Wilson.

I’m bullish on Sutton & believe they’ll figure out some semblance of an offense in Denver. I feel like I need to sell high while I can on St. Brown. Maybe I’m wrong but I’ve got a feeling we see more games like last week out of Detroit

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You and I are going to have to have to agree to disagree on this. I don’t have any faith in the Broncos. They are the only team that couldn’t figure out a way to beat my Raiders, who are practically giving away games this year.

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Trading Amon-Ra St. Brown is crazy talk from the jump.

And coveting Courtland Sutton in his place doesn’t help the case against involuntary commitment.

I don’t covet Sutton by any means. I believe he has a more favorable remaining schedule than St. Brown does. With Williams entering the lineup at some point, it makes me wonder what happens to St. Brown’s target share. Detroit took Williams early which they’ve historically done with WRs. Denver & Detroit presumably will be in negative game scripts. We know who gets targets in Denver but we don’t know what Williams will do for Detroit.

After saying all of that, I’m going to hold off on either trade. Rachaad White’s owner is probably going to have to drop him this week because of the bye week. I’m in a prime position currently so there is no rush for me.