Top weekly Defense Payout

We have our draft this Friday. It is a 12 person PPR. The commish has added a new feature of every week whomever has the top scoring defense gets paid $50.Buy in is $300 in total. FYI

So my two questions are when should I draft a defense and who? Also should I have 2 defenses to stream weekly to earn more cash? Advice please and thanks.

If everyone is hoarding Ds or something, then yeah, you might need to keep more than one, but I’d probly focus on just getting one of the good ones (WAS, PIT, LAR, NE, BAL) and being aware of streaming options on the wire each week.

D scoring (at least on a week-to-week basis) is pretty random (highly dependent on fluke TDs), so I wouldn’t hurt the rest of your team too much by going for the random payouts.

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Right on. Thank you, I was overthinking it for sure then.