Does my weird IDP points league favor a position?

It’s my first time in an Individual Defensive Players league. I believe it has a weird points settings:
Sacks 8
Tackles 2
Blocked kicks 25
Interceptions 20
Fumbles recovered 10
Fumbles forced 10
Safety 15
Stuffs 5
Passes defensed 7

Does this setting favor a specific defensive position (so I should choose all or most of my 3 players from that position)?

Thanks in advance

It looks like it basically removes any shred of talent appraisal and makes the outcomes of your games largely random–3 INTs for 60 points, game over, that sort of thing.

Given that two of the highest-scoring events are interceptions and passes defensed, I would probably be looking at DBs for my pool of draft targets. DBs also get a portion of the fumbles forced/recovered.

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