Top 10 TE's in half PPR

So who are the elite tight ends so far this year? Here they are for average PPG in the half PPR format so far:

  1. Rob Gronkowski: Sure, he is #1, but he also hasn’t played a game since week 3. We know Brady trusts him, but until he hits the field, the goose eggs keep piling up.
  2. Travis Kelce: The TRUE #1. He may be 2 points behind Gronk in average, but that’s because he has played every week, and excelled every week.
  3. Mark Andrews: He has been far better than I expected. Yes, Virginia, Lamar Jackson can throw the rock.
  4. Dawson Knox: Yes he is having a good year. But he is still over 2 points behind Kelce. Welcome to the TE cliff.
  5. Kyle Pitts: #1 with a bullet? Granted, the last 2 weeks were the Dolphins and Jets, but man did he look good! I’d pay extra to get him in dynasty if you can. He is #1 next year for sure.
  6. Dalton Schultz: Can he keep this up? I traded for him in a PPR league, so I hope so!
  7. Darren Waller: Nothing wrong here. It’s just the rest of the offense actually producing.
  8. Mike Gesicki: Looking better.
  9. T.J. Hockenson: This is receptions and yards. He hasn’t seen a TD since week 2.
  10. Logan Thomas: He’s injured now, and watch out for Ricky Seals-Jones, who is breathing down his neck. RSJ has looked starter-worthy.

A few additions, if I may:

I think you overlooked Dalton Schultz, who sits right between Pitts and Waller, and does look the part.

C.J. Uzomah is also in the Thomas/Fant region, but that should fool nobody. He hardly gets any targets, and will not always turn 3 catches into 2 long TDs. At best, he’ll have a Tonyan’esque season, but unless his volume improves, he’s due for immediate regression.

Don’t sleep on Dan Arnold. He’s only recently joined the Jags, and they already targeted him frequently. Now after their BYE, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him getting 5-10 targets every week.

Same goes for Zach Ertz. He’s still got some fuel in the tank, and the Cards will probably utilize him in the same fashion as they did Maxx Williams before his injury, if not more. Ertz could be a league winner this year.

Especially in dynasty or keeper formats, don’t sleep on Pat Freiermuth. Pitts is a generational talent, but if you don’t have him already, you’ll have to pay a fortune to get him. Freiermuth is not playing on the same level as Pitts, but he’s getting close enough to add him. He’s seeing plenty of action in his rookie season already and has a stellar 90% catch rate. I wouldn’t be surprised if gets more targets now after the Steelers’ bye.

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I did, and you’re right! I fixed it. Noah Fant falls off the lost.

I offered a 1rst round pick and Dalton Schultz for Pitts, as well as Rhamondre Stevenson and JJ Taylor. Not holding out hope for this trade, but I had to try.

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I don’t blame you for trying, but his owner would be ill advised to accept that trade.

I have Freiermuth in both my dynasty leagues, plus a decent starter for the moment (Jared Cook in one, Schultz in the other). So I’ll not reach out for Pitts. In both leagues, he went with the 1.03 in this year’s draft, and I think both owners could have done better. But I certainly don’t blame them. With Pitts on your dynasty roster, you know that you can rest easy on a position that gives at least two thirds of the other owners a major headache.

Agreed. I watch Pitts and think how amazing he is. I would have picked him if I had the early pick this year, C’est la vie.