Too many broncos?

Last week I drafted and purposely drafted Jerry and javonte. Later in the draft Cortland fell quite a bit so u drafted him because of the value. Do I have too much of a crappy team?? Should I sell some or just hold on? Thanks

Having teammates on your fantasy team isn’t necessarily a bad thing–in fact, it tends to promote more consistent scoring, as it would be hard for the RB and both WRs on a single team to all have crappy weeks at the same time. The flip side is that it’s also hard for all three to have HUGE weeks at the same time–so while your scores will be more consistent from week to week, you also won’t see a lot of huge totals out of this threesome, like you might if they were all on different teams.

So I wouldn’t panic, but if the opportunity arises to diversify, it merits consideration.

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What AxeElf just said.