The Defense That Will Save Your Season

Ok, a defense probably won’t save your season, but Axe Elf still cares that you get the most production possible from your fantasy football team, so here’s the tip that will ensure your dominance at that position for the playoff run.

Depending on the depth of your league, they may already be rostered, but coming off a game against Tampa Bay, with a game against New Orleans and then their bye coming up, most streamers probably have already dropped or will drop the Baltimore Ravens DST in the next week or two.

The Baltimore Ravens are currently tied for 8th place among fantasy DSTs, which is pretty good considering their schedule so far has consisted of Miami (5-3), the Flacco Jets (5-3), New England (4-4), Buffalo (6-1), Cincinnati (4-4), the Giants (6-2), Cleveland (3-5) and Tampa Bay (3-5).

After New Orleans this week and then their bye (should be able to pick them up after Week 10), their remaining schedule consists of Carolina (2-6), Jacksonville (2-6), Denver (3-5), Pittsburgh (2-6), Cleveland(3-5), and for the final two playoff weeks, Atlanta (4-4) and Pittsburgh (2-6) again. They do play Cincinnati in Week 18, but hopefully no one is still playing fantasy football in Week 18.

Got Dallas? They have Minnesota (6-1) and the Giants (6-2) coming up, and face Philadelphia (7-0) and Tennessee (5-2) in playoff weeks 16 and 17.

Got New England? They have Minnesota (6-1) and Buffalo (6-1) coming up, and face Cincinnati (4-4) and Miami (5-3) in Weeks 16 and 17.

Got Buffalo? They have Minnesota and Detroit coming up, and also face Miami and Cincinnati in two of their final three games.

Got Philadelphia? They have Tennessee (5-2) and the Giants (6-2) coming up, and face Dallas (6-2) and New Orleans (3-5) in Weeks 16 and 17

You’re welcome!.

Week 11:

The only defense that scored more points than the Ravens was the Commanders, with 19.

Baltimore: 17

New England: 17

Dallas: 16

Philadelphia: 7

Buffalo: 5

Thank you, Axe Elf!