Time for a Break

There is nothing going on for a few more weeks and the pointless posts on baseball not seeing that there have been no replies in like forever are annoying.


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Sorry, I just don’t follow baseball.

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Yeah, same here in this day and age my friend. The bb posts cheapen the FB forum ad should be separate for those not able tosee there are no replies.


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I’m still willing to discuss football. I’ve been reading your posts and links and enjoyed them.

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I feel your pain, man. During the football offseason, it’s you, Ed and me here. And while I appreciate you gentlemen, there’s no denying that this is pretty little activity for a forum. Especially since the 3 of us will rarely give replies that would surprise the other 2.

I will stick around, but indeed, there’s not too much to discuss until after the NFL draft.


I tried to add a couple I talk with who are VG. They clicked on the site, saw the articles and all the ranks for Fantasy Football. Then they click on the forum to find multiple sports and no interest.

If I had first come at this time no way I would have stayed either. This is the only one I have ever seen do that. Even small sites have sub forums.

On a brighter note for me, how goes the job?

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Thanks, appreciate it. For me an email to you and Zak is better and easier than coming here.

I think I have but will send both my address.