Baseball Does Not Belong Here

I messaged FP to tell them that they are pissing people off and looking silly in telling BB guys the is a BB forum, It is not.

I’ve been here over 2 years and no one has gotten any replies to anything BB.
You’re wasting your time…

I did ask that they set up a sub forum for BB.

I’ll hear back by tomorrow.

Joe Curry 4:49 PM (13 minutes ago)
You answered nothing. Baseball and Football do NOT belong on the same forum. Anyone who knows anything of fantasy can tell you that, although I believe it is so

|### AJ Adams (FantasyPros Support)|4:51 PM (11 minutes ago)||

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|to me


40x40 AJ Adams (FantasyPros)

Mar 14, 2024, 1:51 PM PDT


Unfortunately, we will not be creating another forum specific to Baseball. Sorry to disappoint.


FantasyPros Customer Support