The Lost Art of Haggling

Too many people don’t appreciate the art of haggling within the context of trading.

If you’ve ever negotiated the price on the sale of a car, you know what haggling is. You enter the dealership, pick out a car. Haggling goes like this:

  1. The salesman gives you a price.
  2. Then you say you only want to pay $X amount.
  3. If at any point, either you or the salesman agree to the other’s price, then you are done. Until then, go back to step 1.

The difference in a fantasy trade is both sides of the deal change until both sides are happy with it. Sadly nowadays, too many people see a bad deal and just walk, instead of trying to negotiate something more to their liking.

If I asked you for a player in a deal, and you didn’t want to trade the player, then come back at me with a player you would consider trading for what I offered, mentioning that the initial player isn’t for sale.

Admittedly, sometimes there is an initial offer so bad, you won’t consider it period. You’re being offered a player you don’t want for a player you’d never trade away (“I’ll give you Nyheim Hines for Jalen Hurts?”). It’s easy to walk away from this. Better to just tell the truth: “I don’t want Hines, and I won’t trade Hurts.” Hitting the decline button is kind of rude, to be honest, although in this example it might be understandable. But at least when you send an explanation, it tells the other person, “I’m willing to trade with you, but this isn’t even a starting point for me.”

We all need to know when we’re in the ballpark with a trade offer. Just hitting decline doesn’t tell your potential trade partner anything.

I don’t mind some good haggling, but as you said, it’s a lost art. And it doesn’t work for every trade approach.

I usually follow two approaches when reaching out to another owner:

Scenario A: I want to test the waters on a player I might be interested in, if the price is right. Then I will usually send out a low offer along with a message like “hey, what would it take for me to get that player?” If the other owner bites, I will tell him which assets I will not trade away, and we will see if we can work out a deal.

Scenario B: I really want a player from another team. I will then usually reach out with an offer that costitutes an overpay.

Because that is also something many owners seem to have forgotten: why would anybody trade away a desirable asset when you don’t give them a proper incentive to do it? And a fair and balanced offer gives the other side no incentive.

I got so many offers for Ja’Marr Chase in my dynasty leagues this offseason, and all of them were ridiculous. One guy offered Deebo Samuel straight up, and didn’t like that I laughed about this offer. He said both players were WR1s, so they should be worth roughly the same. Another one offered a mid 2022 1st and insisted that was a fair offer.

No player is untradable. But if anybody wants a top dynasty asset like Chase, they will have to make an unbelievably good offer. For a fair offer, I would never trade a top asset away.

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Ed refers to me and his exercising futility for me in offering Pitts and a 5th rounder for A J Brown. Pitts is ranked as the #20 TE and someone I dropped a few weeks ago for a top 10 Pro Bowl WR.

Ed has made silly offers for AJ 3-4 times in the past and I told him so. Yet he continues with the nonsense. Perhaps haggling with a used car salesman is what you should be doing.

Anyone I have traded with and there have been MANY will tell you I very much enjoy haggling and have a lot of fun doing it. However, there is a huge difference between between this and BS offers that never get any better or serious,

How many times do I need to tell you the same thing over and over before you stop it. You will not get A J Brown for your entire team.

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As usual, you miss my point. Initial offers are not the end of the discussion. But you end the discussion immediately with the first offer. You assume, incorrectly, that my first offer is my final offer.

Then the simple solution is to come back at me with a counter-offer that doesn’t include AJ Brown. Hello McFly?

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Why would I do that Ed? I have told you 4 times you are not getting AJ but you have a very strange fixation on him. I told you I cut Pitts and laughed when you said AJ for him but, here ya go again.

In all of all exchanges you have not come even remotely close of any reasonable offer in the same zip code of reality.

IF you wish to show how you are coherent, here is your chance.

OK, here we go. I am offering RB Swift, a 2nd round pick, and London, an 11th round cost in exchange for a first round pick and a 4th or a player. That is all for now. Let me know if you are interested?

First of all, you could have said you weren’t interested in trading Brown at all. You said nothing, other than declining the trade. I upped my offer, and still you said nothing.

Now it’s my turn to tell you, I’m not interested in trading my first round pick. Also, I don’t really want Swift or London, neither of whom are better than anything on my roster right now, including my bench. The only players you have that interest me are Brown and Etienne. Make me an offer with one of those two, and we’ll talk.

IF and when you hear of Satan throwing snowballs on South Beach you can expect an offer. :slight_smile:

Based on what you have and what you’ve said, it doesn’t look like I’d accept an offer from you.

On a side note, good game this week. 56 points? There’s always next year…

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