Fire Sale Bargain? 2022 2nd Rd Pick for Najee Harris

I have a league-mate whose season tanked and he’s about to offer his good players up in a FIRE SALE in exchange for draft picks for next year. We are a 10-team league with a 4-player carryover and half PPR.

He wants my next year’s 2nd Rounder for Najee Harris. Seems legit. Go for it?

WHAT?! Highway robbery! NO NO NO NO NO!

Under no circumstances do you take this for less than TWO first round draft picks! This is NOT up for discussion! Najee is a Derrick Henry-level RB. Demand the moon for him.

He’s being offered to trade for Harris, not to trade him away.

A 2nd rounder for Harris is ridiculous. In my commish leagues, I’d veto that trade. That doesn’t sound like rebuild mode, that sounds like a full grown meltdown to me.

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Exactly! A 2nd round pick for Harris is absurd! That’s why I told him not to do it!