South Beach League Suggestion

I have been seeing where an increasing number of leagues have eliminated the
kicker or K and D with a flex added. All have said they do not miss the kicker with the D half and half.

Has anyone played in a league who did this? What is the opinion here?

I can see eliminating the kicker but not the D. I think the D does add some research and strategy to the game.

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I played a format without K and D/ST last year.
Didn’t miss them. Don’t mind them being around, either.

So does K, and even a lot more.

For Ds, there are only 2 relevant data points to analyze:

  • How many points does their next opponent allow to opposing Ds?
  • How has a D performed compared to expectation so far this season?

That approach has delivered rock solid results in the last 3 years.

For Ks, there is a lot more data to observe:

  • How many FG attempts does the K’s team generate per game?
  • How many FG attempts does their next opponent allow to opposing Ks?
  • How many points does the K’s team score on average?
  • How aggressive is the K’s team on 4th down?
  • Is weather expected to be a factor in the next game?
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You were spot on. You do overthink. lol

I was in a couple of leagues without K’s and D’s, and didn’t really miss them.

Especially D’s, who are like tossing coins for their point totals each week. Even the best D doesn’t really generate enough points to swing a game. I would rather do IDP than D’s any time.

I do like K’s with my new point system though. That gave the most successful K’s real value, allowing them to influence game results, while making the worst K’s suicide plays which can kill your team. And since the NFL moved XP’s back, even that play has become must-watch tv.

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I’m OK with dropping both. This and going to an 18 man roster will be up for league discussion and vote when Yahoo reopens.

IF voted in I would add one more flex. What did your leagues do?

On going to an 18 man roster, I believed 10 keepers with a K and D leaving only 4 picks was too few but, eliminating K and D would resolve that. I think.

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Not sure you want my Sleeper league as an example: It’s a 12 man league with 29 roster spots (starters and bench), along with 5 IR spots and 5 taxi squad spots.

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Another South Beach League Suggestion: How about another platform? This dead period with Yahoo is kind of annoying. Try Sleeper, try Fleaflicker, or even pick your own platform.

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I did try doing that but at least half the league was against it. We could revisit with a new 10 keeper league. I will lieave the redraft to the down time does not matter.

FYI, these suggestions are for discussion and maybe a later vote. However, any changes will be for 2024.

Our moving to 10 keepers this and next year was approved and OK with the few who wanted to wait until 2024. This was an exception.

Keeper league set their rosters and keepers based on current set rules and changes decided happen the following year.

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Are you talking about one or two leagues?

Our league is set with Yahoo as well as the redraft league coming.

A new hybrid may be considered for a different platform. That is for discussion after getting 10 managers.

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That was why I was confused. When you talk about the “South Beach League”, I am thinking of our keeper league.

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