TE Waiver Question

In one half PPR league, I currently have Logan Thomas starting. But I noticed David Njoku and Tyler Conklin are available on waivers. Thomas seems to have the lowest floor of the three, with the lowest upside as well.

Njoku had a monster week, but it was just one week. Relying on Cleveland’s passing game seems a bit risky.

On the other hand, Conklin has been somewhat consistent within the Jets passing game, but that is with Flacco starting. Will Zach Wilson even see him?

Any thoughts?

Not a lot to add here.

Conklin seems the safest option, as he’s seen 8 targets on average so far. But as you said, that was with Flacco. Flacco threw 52 passes per game on average. If Wilson kept that up, it would mean an 80% increase in passing volume, compared to his 2021 stats.

Even if he sees him, Wilson’s expected lower passing volume can easily mean 2-4 targets less per game for Conklin.

Between Thomas and Njoku, I would prefer Njoku. He is TD dependent, but then, which TE not named Travis Kelce or Mark Andrews isn’t? Njoku sees a healthy number of red zone snaps, so at least the opportunity is there.

Logan Thomas suffers from the offense he’s playing in. That, in combination with being injury prone, does not make him an attractive option in my book.

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I would go Conklin now and cross the Wilson bridge if and when it comes up.

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Nothing is pretty when you are dealing with the shallow end of the TE pool.