Taking a look at second string RBs

Rachaad White, Eno Benjamin and Khalil Herbert are all available in a 12 team PPR. Who do you like most? Would you drop any of Hardman, Wan’Dale or Allegier for those guys?

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Hardman dropped for any of the three? Yes. Hardman isn’t that good or consistent.

Wan’Dale? Maybe. Are we talking dynasty? For redraft, no.

Allgeier? It’s an even swap at this point.

Thanks @edmcgon. This is a keeper league (3 each year) so there is a benefit to getting these guys early/cheaper. How would you rank the available players of Rachaad, Eno, and Khalil?

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Agreed, you can drop both Allgeier and Hardman for any of the three–Khalil and Eno for this year, Rachaad and probly Eno for Dynasty.

Well, maybe I wouldn’t drop Allgeier for Eno–he’ll be ok maybe as soon as next year.

But Hardman for either Khalil or Rachaad, fershure.

Awesome. Really appreciate your feedback. I think i’ll drop Hardman and go for Rachaad or Eno.

I’d lean towards Khalil, mainly because Monty is getting older, and Khalil could be the starter within the next few years, if not this year. The talent is there for this year.

Of the whole group Allgier is the only one I kinda like.

Presumably you mean in dynasty formats, as he’s kinda buried on the depth chart for this season.