Which TE to start for Week 11

TE’s D. Arnold vs D. Schultz??? Schultz hasn’t produced much in 3 games but is predicted to be the best TE FOR WEEK 11, over Arnold! Now I’m really confused which one to start!

I feel you. Schultz has had 3 bad weeks, and Arnold has had 3 good weeks. Now look at the two teams: Cowboys (vs. Chiefs) or Jags (vs. 49ers).

Schultz has a better track record than Arnold. I’ll take my chances with Schultz.


Arnold is usually a safe bet, thanks to his regular volume. He is one of only very few TEs who is not touchdown dependent. But his matchup this week really isn’t good. Only 2 teams have allowed less yards to TEs than the Niners.

Schultz is the better option this week. He’s frequently getting 6-8 targets a game. He had 2 weak games recently, in week 8 when he simply caught nothing, and last week, when the game script rendered him pretty much obsolete.

Gallup’s return is a slight concern, but I think he’ll still be good. I’m starting him myself this week.

Agree with everyone above. Arnold is the safe bet, which if you are looking for safe floor points start him. If you’re gambling on big points Schultz is your guy.

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Agree with everyone above.