Start which def

Minnesota def or Tampa Bay def

Both have good match ups but i like tampa

What about u guys

The Bucs should be a better choice here…

Tampa had a field day on Atlanta back in September, including 2 defensive td’s. On the other hand, Minnesota’s previous game against Detroit was more than solid, including 4 sacks, an int, and a fumble recovery. If you take out the 2 Tampa td’s, and Minnesota had a better day.

I look at it this way: Minnesota has a better floor, but Tampa has a better ceiling. If you desperately need big points from your DST, then go with Tampa, otherwise play it safe with Minnesota.

Thanks so much !!


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I like the Bucs better. They play against the best opponent for DSTs, For me, the Bucs are the #1 DST of all NFL teams this week.