Saturday Thoughts

Carr proved yet again that he is brutally bad in cold weather with 3 picks and a total of 9 points. NOT an option under 32 degrees.

Minshew got his points and put a lot on the scoreboard. However as good as he was for fantasy he had 2 picks and a fumble. Eagles need Hurts back for the playoffs.

London caught 7 of 9 for 95 for 3 good games in a row. I watched in part and saw him grab 3 contested catches (best in the country out of college) and he finally got to show his stuff with a fair QB. He just missed a TD when he jumped for a pass inside the 5. He is up to a #2 WR on the low end but on the rise.

Silly interviews by pretty gals is pathetic. I never tire of looking at pretty gals but the questions boring and players and coaches do not want to be there, especially in below 0 weather. Imagine what they would really like to answer and it ain’t Merry Christmas. lol


I have to add in Cam Akers who has gone off for over 30 so far today. Forget today vs a Denver D who was home for the holidays.

However, he is a different RB over the last 4 weeks than I saw earlier. He has played like he did before the injury which was a RB1 and a bell cow.

I now haw to make space for him as a keeper.

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What a week so far.

Semifinals in my SFLEX dynasty. I was up 20 points in projections. And then my boys started scoring. Minshew, 26.25. Foreman, 23.5. Meyers, 19.3. Pickens, 14.2. Chark, 12.8.

The catch? I didn’t start any of them, of course. Instead, I started Rhamondre (1.3). Zonovan (1.8). Chase (9.9).

Heading into MNF, I’m trailing by 55 points and only have Herbert and Ekeler to go. Impossible? No, but it’s extremely likely that my season ends here and now. :person_facepalming:

South Beach was a nail biter vs. Kevin, game was 50-50 all the way. Until D-Hop burned him last night with a whooping 0.9 points, which more than compensated Josh Jacobs’ lackluster performance. Now I need 4.5 combined points out of Zack Moss and the Chargers D, and I’ll advance to the finals.

In the US-EU league, I made #3, unless Keenan Allen scores 25 more than Pittman tonight.

And in my 1QB dynasty, I advanced to the Toilet Bowl, that has no implications for next year’s draft, so I’d gladly have swapped that W with my SFLEX dynasty.

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A Hell of a Fantasy Roller Coaster

In my 44 points down semi, Watson and Waddle started their game great.
Watson had 8 points in the 2nd when he hurt his hip and was done. :frowning:
But, Waddle continued a great game and had 23. :slight_smile:
I am only down 13.

Denver projected to give me 7.5 points but ended up costing me 4. :frowning:
Insult to injury- I poster earlier I pulled a Zak by adding Jax and forgetting to add them by game time. They had 14 points, enough to win this game and go finals.

Now I need Mike Williams to go off for 17.

In the 2 game semi, I am up by 68, he has 2 guys to play. In a 2 game final.

In South Beach, my consolation game with Damian carries into tonight.

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Pretty interesting week for me as well. In my super flex I was high on the horses after seeing my opponents QB go down. Hurts
He picked up Zack Wilson and I thought I had it. I was projecting favorably going into Saturday. Then I sit D Smith for Dobbins. That didn’t go well. And after an Akers resurgence and a hell of a game from Hockenson and the Pats D I’m down by more than what Herbert and M Williams can produce especially since he’s got Ekeler and K Allen going so I’ll be most likely playing for third
In my longest running league I’ll be playing for the championship. Back to back trips to the promised land. Last year ended in a 2cd place finish so hopefully I can grab the first place prize and cash

I joined some random espn leagues and had a chance to get into the finals and was up 4 tenths of a point on the league leader top seed. He was finished and I had my Defense left to play. Last minute I changed out the rams D for Denver D. Needless to say I lost by 4 and left heart broken. Hahahaa.

In the South beach league I’m up by a couple and most likely out unless K Allen goes nuts without Herbert throwing him the ball. And M Williams doesn’t catch anything. Hahahaa.

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LOL, meaning Lot’s of Luck with that. :slight_smile: Our game has been interesting and worth the price of admission.

Sometimes when I read your posts on players I feel like I am reading my own.
Stop It! lol

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