Samaje perine for week 12.?

It looks like J. Jacobs may not play…I may need a RB this week for PPR…drop Elijah Mitchell for Samaje Perine (Mixon is ruled out) ???

my other option on roster is D’onta Foreman…

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The Titans have the second best run defense, so Perine is a risky start, though his floor should be safe.

I’d go with Foreman.

I am going with Foreman this week. Even though Denver’s run defense is rated highly, most of their good production against RB’s was at the beginning of the year. Lately, they have let RB’s gash them (especially Josh Jacobs, twice).

Thanks guys…Jacobs seems to be on track to play…I have a follow up query…would you play G. Pickens over Foreman Flex positon??

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I would lean towards Foreman. While both offenses suck, I like Carolina over Denver just a touch more.