Rookie WR Zay Flowers- A Closer Look

I just downloaded the over 200 page PFF 2023 Draft Guide. Tons of info but premium content and I cannot copy a word of it. I will try to post some info which is different over time to add to what we already have.

We all know this is not a great WR class but does have some talent all the same.
Everyone has the top 3, in some order, as:

Smith-Njigba- PFF NFL comparison to Edelman
Addison- comparison to Emanuel Sanders
Q Johnston- comparison to Martavis Bryant ***

Zay Flowers is 5’10" and 170 His comparison is to T J Hilton

His claim to fame is “can’t touch him in a phone booth” ability in separation.

He needs work on routes and finding space over the middle

He is a Big Play WR who I really like and am hoping he teams up with Herbert and the Chargers. Some in Dynasty see him as a 4th rounder,others as a 2nd.
I plan on taking him if given the chance. He can be special.

*** Martavis Bryant is a name from the past many will not know. He was a 6’5" top WR from Clemson I liked, drafted by Pitt to the Raiders, substance abuse suspensions and mybe in the XFL. He is like Q, PFF did their homework.

Most everything I see on Flowers is very favorable with some thinking he will get up into the first round. IF he does it will be late and with a good team and QB.