Rebuild trade advice

14 team PPR SF

Give: Jonathan Taylor

Get: 2024 1st (early/top 3), 2024 2nd (early), 2024 3rd (late), 2023 2.09, Gabe Davis, Keaontay Ingram

I took over this abandoned team as a challenge to see if I could rebuild it. Previous owner mortgaged the future to try to win 2 years ago. Had only 4th round pick this year and next. Was a bottom team this past season. Made another trade to get a 1st and 2nd this year but still don’t have any picks for next year. There are a few stacked teams so I have no real shot to win for at least a few years. I tried to get an additional first but this owner won’t go for it. Thoughts?


Did you put this out for bid before getting into one offer?

That looks like a solid trade to me. If JT doesn’t make you a contender, there are few reasons to keep him. All he will do is de-value your own 2024 pick. And while his value could increase if he gets back up to speed in 2023, it can also plummett if he gets injured.

I’d probably try to flip Davis after the trade as well. His big play ability is great, but he completely vanishes in other weeks, making him a risky start. If he puts up a strong performance during the playoffs, you may find owners who are interested in him.

Good luck! Rebuilds can be fun.

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Agree, rebuilds are challenging and definitely some fun.

I did not bid it out. I was initially thinking of keep JT but was approached with a solid first offer. There has been a lot of negotiating on this. The most intriguing part is that the 2024 1st and 2nd are mine so I can almost guarantee a top 3 pick. I’ll need another QB and would much rather get one at the top of next year’s draft.

I’ve been looking through what other offers could be and this is probably my best shot at a to pick next year.

Then I would go for it.