RB and WR Decision

Need to decide between Puka or Deebo (my other receivers are Evans and Tyreek), and Jonathan Taylor or Kamara (my other RB is Kyren). Leaning Deebo because I think the Commanders could keep this a game, while the Rams might blow out the Giants and not need to pass more. Leaning Taylor over Kamara because of the matchup, but not positive because I could see where Kamara catches a bunch of checkdowns to rack up the PPR points while Taylor doesn’t seem to get that kind of work. What do you all think?

Hill and Kyren are my choices.

Yeah, I have Evans, Tyreek, and Kyren in my lineup already and I won’t take them out. Need another WR (either Puka or Deebo) and another RB (either Jonathan Taylor or Alvin Kamara)

That makes sense. I could not figure out why they were there.

My choices are Taylor and the 6 foot invisible rabbit in Puka.

Thank you. With Deebo having a sprained neck, I think that’s the right call too. Appreciate you

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Did you get my message?