Ranking these QBs ROS


I have Allen, Mayfield, Watson, Murray.

Can only carry 3 once Murray is activated.

Which one you trading?

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Murray. He’ll be playing on the godawful Cardinals.

I actually agree. I think coming off ACL he’ll rush less, whereas Bucs and Browns may be playoff contenders late in year.

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Disagree. Mayfield does not belong.

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I honestly can’t argue with this either. If Murray is half of what he was last year rushing, he may still be a top ten guy easy.

I have some trades out so it may simply come down to who gets me the best value.

Thanks to both of you!

The best ability is availability, and this is where Murray fails. He is a smallish QB who likes to run. This gets him hurt, a LOT! Even when he doesn’t miss games, how many times has he underperformed because he was hurt?

Mayfield at least tends to stay healthy. Yes, he has a low floor, but he will be playing.

For what I think of Mayfield it’s better if he’s not available. :slight_smile:

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I would agree with you, but he does tend to stay healthy.

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