Puka + Dallas Defense for Joe Burrow

In a non-ppr, two WR, one QB, normal flex league, would you trade:

Puka Nacua + Cowboys Defense


Joe Burrow

Current starting QB is Trevor Lawrence, with Sam Howell as backup.

Receivers available after the trade would be:

  • Davante Adams
  • Mike Evans
  • Calvin Ridley
  • Nico Collins

I am trying to offload the Dallas defense because I also have the Chiefs and Jets defense, and prefer taking the soft matchup between those two because Dallas has a rough schedule in the fantasy playoffs.

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You haven’t told us who your current QB’s are, but I suspect they aren’t as good as Burrow. Assuming that, I like this trade.

Burrow is playing lights out and a good upgrade over Lawrence this year. Do it.

That’s definitely in there. Starter is currently Trevor Lawrence, backup is Sam Howell.

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My bad. Gotta be honest, Lawrence is playing better lately. If you look at their numbers this season, sure Burrow has some 20+ point games. He also has some single digit games (3 to be exact). Lawrence only has one single digit game, against KC The rest of his games are all 15+ points. You have to say Lawrence has the better floor, with Burrow having the better ceiling. It’s up to your own risk aversion.