Preference: Live drafts or slow drafts?

While live drafts are the most fun, slow (no timer on picks) drafts are the most practical in this internet-driven, 24/7/365 world. I have to give the edge to the slow drafts.

What is your preference?

As someone who lives 6 hours ahead of EST, slow drafts are a strong preference. I also prefer them for my European leagues.

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The problem that slow drafts introduce is that since they take place over the course of a couple of weeks, there can be the benefit of new information.

Picking Tyler Allgeier in the 11th is a much better pick for whoever is on the clock right after Bijan Robinson tears his ACL than he was in the previous round when Robinson was healthy.

In a draft that’s over in an hour or two, everyone pretty much has access to all the same information at the time of the draft.