Post-draft Bird's Eye View of My Teams

After my last draft was completed, I decided to take a bird’s eye view of all of them. A few things to note about them overall:

  1. There are two dynasty leagues, one deep keeper league, and two redrafts. Dynasties are my babies. I am not as good at them as I should be, but I am working to get better, because I do enjoy them.

  2. The dynasty rosters tend to have deeper rosters than the other ones.

  3. Four leagues have K’s and DST’s.

  4. Surprisingly, only two of the leagues are superflex, my preferred roster format. Three of the leagues are PPR, my preferred scoring format.

  5. Two of the leagues were auto-drafted with a draft list I generated, so the results are not drastically different than what I would have picked. I am rather proud of this.

All this said, the question becomes: Who is on my rosters? Obviously, there is some carryover from last season in the dynasty formats, although the one keeper league was a setup draft, so it is a pretty fresh view. So here are my most rostered players (not counting K’s and DST’s, since one league doesn’t have them, and most people don’t care):

QB’s: Derek Carr (4), Jameis Winston (4), Jalen Hurts (2). Davis Mills is also a starter in one dynasty superflex league, which is easily my deepest and most competitive league.

RB’s: Zamir White (5), AJ Dillon (3), Rhamondre Stevenson (3), Najee Harris (2), Tyler Allgeier (2). Other starting/flex position one league RB’s include Dalvin Cook, Alvin Kamara, Breece Hall, James Conner, and Cordarelle Patterson. Don’t read too much into Zamir White being in all 5 leagues, as he is on the bench in four of them, only playing as a flex in one. Zamir just happens to be a cheap but good RB with potential. Stevenson is only a starter in two of his three leagues, but Dillon starts in all three of his. Allgeier is not a starter in either of his leagues. Najee rules wherever he is!

WR’s: Garrett Wilson (3), Hunter Renfrow (3), Davante Adams (2), Jaylen Waddle (2). When you go to the WR buffet, there is a lot from which to choose! I have a bunch of one time WR’s, such as Chase Claypool, Jerry Jeudy, George Pickens, Allen Robinson, Chris Olave, Tee Higgins, and AJ Brown. WR is easily the deepest position.

TE’s: Isaiah Likely (5), Cole Kmet (2), Foster Moreau (2). Even though Kyle Pitts is my favorite TE, I only have him in one league, just because the draft capital and trade value are just too high. Kmet was my Pitts substitute this year. As for Likely, he is the closest TE I have seen to great hands TE’s like Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates. With him being buried behind Mark Andrews on the Ravens depth chart, he is super cheap now. I don’t expect that to last beyond this year, but I am delighted to have him on both of my dynasty leagues, and I will likely keep him in my keeper league next year. Moreau is just a good TE buried behind injury-prone Darren Waller, whom I also have in one league. Moreau is a bench TE until I need him. The only other one league starting TE I have is Dalton Schultz.

Overall, there are some players I would easily acquire more of, if they weren’t so costly. When you see players like Zamir White and Isaiah Likely going for cheap, you grab them often.

It’s nice that you managed to draft ONE (1) starting RB more than once. I guess dabbling in futures is the appeal of the dynasty format, but 13 roster slots wasted on “prospects” at the RB position alone across 5 leagues is still pretty ugly to a redraft player like me.

Giving credit where credit is due, you’re 80% golden at QB.

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Thanks, I think? I take it you don’t like the Hurts picks.

I cannot judge Dynasty as this is the first year playing and starting a hybrid and am even worse at 5 rosters at once. I’m sure it’s good but not the talent level I’m accustomed to seeing. This is where we differ in format preference.

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