Playoff weeks 15-17 defenses

Which would be the playoff defenses to stash??

I have the Eagles but I don’t have a good feeling about them.

The Eagles have a nice schedule, and performed admirably so far - until they lost a few key players recently .They are risky, indeed.

The 49ers and the Saints are a good complement to each other.
Niners in weeks 15 and 17, Saints in weeks 16 and this week.

Edit: Scratch that, I had my table mis-sorted.
The Niners are indeed a good option, though, and you can even start them in week 16.

Unfortunately 49ers are not available…following is the list of available defenses with their 15,16,17 schedules to the right. The issue is with week 15 mostly.

I like the Broncos and Saints there.

The Broncos haven’t capitalized on good matchups so far. They had the #8 schedule, but rank only at #15.

In week 15, Houston has a pretty good matchup in Jacksonville. Their DST ranks only #19, but considering they had the #28 schedule, that’s not too bad.

But you cannot start the Texans outside of week 15. The Bengals look good in weeks 15 and 16. You can pair them with the Rams, who have a decent matchup in week 17.

Hmm…I really didn’t think of Bengals D…would you start Bengals @Den over Eagles vs WFT for week 15??

Can we really still trust the Eagles DST? They played vs. the Jets last week, who are a top 3 opponent for DSTs. And all the Eagles got were 2 sacks and 1 INT. That’s nothing.

And Washington isn’t a good opponent for DSTs. They rank #18 in my list. The Broncos rank 7th. And the Bengals DST are on a hot streak.

So yeah, as of right now, I’d start the Bengals over the Eagles in week 15 with confidence.

Let me piggy-back on this question. I have the Saints and Eagles Defenses. I thought I was set with good coordinated schedules:

Start Saints Week 14 vs Jets and Week 17 vs Panthers.
Start Eagles Week 15 vs WFT and Week 16 Vs Giants

The Dolphins, Colts and Bengals Defenses are available.
Rotoballer says the Eagles are a good but risky play due to good ROS opponents.
Rotoballer rates the Dolphins as the #3 Defense ROS and Week 15 vs the Jets…
Rotoballer says Bengals Week 15 vs Broncos and Week 16 Ravens is a great play.
The Colts have performed well to date but have a very tough ROS schedule.

I have to keep the Saints for Week 14 and want to start them for Week 17 vs Panthers.

Should I drop the Eagles for the Dolphins, Bengals or Colts?

Dolphins vs jets, saints, titans next three weeks. hard to pass that up

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Frankly I do not see a clear cut winner for DST for week 15…in most leagues dolphins have already been rostered.

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The Dolphins are available in my league which is why I asked whether I should drop the Eagles to pick them up.

Ok then Dolphins week 15 for sure…but then I would probably consider having another defense if possible for weeks 16 and 17

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