Forum Playoff Picks

KC -9;5 Jax

Philly -8 Giants

I have my wagers in on Jax and Philly.

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Buff -5,5 Cinci

SF -3.5 Dallas

Hoping my little streak continues with Buff and SF covering the points.

Good picks yesterday.

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Yeah, I had $100 on each and later took half a hundred dollar parlay on them with a friend. Not a bad days work.

Need to hit today to make it a VG weekend.

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Bad news on Buffalo, good news on the 49ers. 3 out of 4 divisional games ain’t bad, unless you parlayed them?

No, I won $350 which works. I went back and forth on the points with Cinci but never thought they would dominate both lines. On to next week.

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Well done!

Early lines for next week:

  1. Eagles -2.5: I’d easily take that. The game could come down to a field goal, or the Eagles could blow them out. Either way, I expect the Eagles to win.

  2. Bengals +1 (+1.5 on Fanduel): I like the Bengals to win outright. With a gimpy Mahomes, and the Bengals playing well, even on the road in Buffalo, I don’t see KC stopping them. I’d take the Bengals straight up.

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Time for very tuff toss up picks

Philly -2.5 Too much talent in the passing game for SF whose claim to fame is shutting down the run and not great in pass D. Hurts legs will make a difference.
Thinking Philly D makes SF a CMC only O. Not gonna work.

Cinci +1 Same as above with Burrow on fire and KC is not a good D team IF Mahomes was 100% I would still be deciding but he is not.

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