Pick an RB from this list

So I am in a dispersal draft in a dynasty league. It is half-point PPR Superflex. I am looking at this list of RB’s. How do you rank them?

Ezekiel Elliot
Aaron Jones
Josh Jacobs
Cordarelle Patterson
Rashaad Penny

UPDATE: I did take Penny, and Jacobs is gone. Who’s next?

My ranking would have been:

Josh Jacobs
Aaron Jones
Rashaad Penny
Ezekiel Elliott
Cordarrelle Patterson

Jacobs is generally underrated. Yes, he did not fulfill his initial expectations of being a clear fantasy RB1. But he is a strong RB2, which is far better than the big red flag some analysts place on him. And there are many reasons to believe that 2022 might become his best season so far.

Jones has reached a critical age, but the situation in Green Bay isn’t terrible for him. Yes, Dillon cuts deeply into his volume. But the Packers are short of pass catchers, and the signing of Sammy Watkins won’t change that. Jones will still see a healthy dose of usage.

Penny - the potential is there, but the injury risk is huge.

Zeke has seen some heavy regression already, and I don’t think things will get a lot prettier for him.

And Patterson - yes, he’s been an amazing story last year. And I know how much you like him. But let’s face it, he’s a hundred years old and plays for a terrible offense.

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