Need some FLEX help this week! 1 PPR

Who do I start in my FLEX this week? This isn’t a MUST win game but it would help a lot with getting to playoffs. Right now in 6th (top 8 go) and. I’m only in 6th because my points for are higher than 7th and 8th (same record). This is 1 PPR.

Currently I have White sitting in my FLEX. Other options are Treylon Burks, Zonovan, Pickens, Kyren Williams, or Thielan. OR I look at waivers and go with someone like: Perine (mixon still in concussion protocol), Kmet, Deandre Carter, Mostert, Gallup, Woods, Cobb.

Since White plays Monday night, I have to assume he’s splitting 50/50 with Fournette. I’d like to avoid that conundrum. I have feeling Burks has a breakout game. Is it this week? Hard to believe in a run first offense. Do I go boom/bust with Pickens against a horrible ATL secondary in what I have to believe will be a high scoring game since both ATL and PIT want a win. It looks like Carter is doubtful though so do I roll with the hot hand rookie in Zonovan against a mediocre Vikings run D? Or do I roll with Thielan and assume he is a good option with Sauce guarding JJ all game? Kyren seems like a bad choice with Wolford starting. What do I do?

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Bumping this thread up. Help?

I’d go with Zonovan, since Carter is doubtful. He’ll at least get the touches, and probably efficient touches at that. I expect the Jets to use their passing game to pound the Vikings into submission, but that’ll leave the Vikings run defense vulnerable to Knight.

White looks like your safest bet. Yes, Fournette will be back. But will he return to be their lead back?

I don’t trust Burks this week. I’d much rather start Pickens then.

If you want to take a gamble, start Zonovan. Small sample size, but the kid looked sharp last week. Kyren is another potential gamble, thanks to a very soft matchup. But we don’t know if we can trust him to make use of soft matchups.

Thielen is a desparation play, and you’re not desparate with the options you have.

Good luck!

Please tell me you’re in at least a 14 team league…?

However, with the names you list on your waiver wire, I’m afeared that your league is merely one in which the regular season only matters to the handful of worst teams in the league; everyone else makes the playoffs–like 67% - 80% of the field.

In which case helping you desperately trying to stay out of 9th place amuses me.

Pick up Perine, fergerd’s sake. If Mixon is out, he’s a goldmine.

If Mixon plays, I’d be awfully tempted to roll the dice on Kmet, since Mooney just went down for the season and Kmet is pretty much the #1 remaining target–at least if Fields plays.

Deandre Carter would probably be your most reliable option outside of Perine in Mixon’s absence, since Mike Williams won’t be playing again.

EDIT: Oh, I din’t see you had “White” at flex already… Rachaad White? Yeah, I’d still grab Perine and start him if Mixon is out, but White would be your next best option for sure.

If it’s James White, then we’re back to Plan A.

Seriously? Who discusses James White any more? Oh wait, the AxeElf discusses James White!

Pay attention kids: Next week, he’ll be bringing up Barry White! Let the musical arguments begin! :wink:

Pickens, White, then Burks. Don’t start James White.