Need owners for a startup Multisport Dynasty League

in need of 13 other crazy folks to join …

the “season” will run roughly 13 months, Mid-August to Mid-September the following year

seven sports represented, all seven will be weekly H2H points leagues (no categories/no rotisserie)

Tier 1 sports = (NFL, MLB, NBA) … Tier 2 = (NHL, EPL, CFB, CBB)

in determining the overall winner, tier 1 sports receive double points

Each sport will have a champion and winnings, and there will be an overall champion and winnings

14-team leagues, emphasis on balancing positions to make them as equal as possible

large rosters with big benches/minors

the plan is to go dynasty starting year two (year one will be a trial run - mainly to make any adjustments needed to the points systems used and to hammer out any rule changes we would want to implement before going all in dynasty)

year-round 24/7/365 trading including inter-sport trading … but after a certain point in each sport’s later part of the season anyone you obtain can not be used in the playoffs that season (Example, I can trade Ken Stabler and George Brett for Earl Campbell week 12 of fantasy football season, but can’t use Earl in that year’s playoffs)

will use Fantrax as website and the embedded Fantrax Treasurer for prizes and Discord for communication, text chat, voice chat

$100 gets you all seven sports … $20 each for the three Tier 1 sports, $10 each for the four Tier 2 sports

half of the entry fee for each sport goes toward prize pool for that particular sport. the other half goes toward prize pool for the overall

when the dynasty portion starts you will be able to promote some of your CFB and CBB players to your NFL and NBA rosters (so in essence, your “devy” players will also be helping you win the CFB and CBB leagues)

NHL and MLB and EPL will have large minors rosters

post here or PM if interested


  1. Tennessee/Nashville/Memphis

  2. Seattle/Washington

Ohio/Cincinnati taken

Philadelphia is taken

LA and Florida taken, need 8 more spots filled

New York and Wash DC taken

need 6 more

need three more and we start

league full but second sister league forming using same ruleset


need two more to fill the second league