Looking for owners to join 3 of leagues on Fantrax

I need a few owners that want to play in some free just for fun leagues that are different from most fantasy football leagues. Like I said in the subject line all leagues are run on Fantrax.

        The first one is a first year 10 team college dynasty league  the player pool is the Power 5 Conferences plus Notre Dame only.   Down below is a link to the league summary page.  Please read the whole thing as the league message section at the bottom goes into more details of the league. I need 4 more owners for this league.

The 2nd league is a 10 team college redraft league where you can only start the same person once during the regular season and once in the playoffs. I need 2 more owners for this league. down below is the link for the summary page please read the whole thing of that one also.

The last one is a 10 team redraft NFL league. It’s a combo of a best ball league and a H2H league with lots of points to be had. Below is the link to the summary page again read the whole thing. I only need 1 more owner for this league.

If any these leagues interest you leave me your email and I’ll send you an invite asap.