Dynasty Startup - Offense Only

Season Dynasty Startup

Start: QB, 2 RB, 2WR, TE, 2 FLEX (RB/WR/TE)

Mirrors the NFL’s teams, divisions, and conferences. LeagueSafe with majority approval for payouts. Regular winnings plus empire/progressive pot for back-to-back winners.

Rules: https://www45.myfantasyleague.com/2024/ … 16918&O=26

My original post was flagged as spam. If there is a better spot to find others interested in participating in a startup on the forums let me know. Thanks!

Reach out to me directly at fuflcommissioner@outlook.com with any questions or your desired franchise.

Taken Teams:
New England Patriots
Dallas Cowboys
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Los Angeles Rams
Chicago Bears

Post was hidden. Let me know if we aren’t allowed to post open spots for leagues. I’m just trying to fill a startup. Thanks!

I have no authority here but it is a forum to talk fantasy. In my view people who come here for the sole purpose of selling their league are a bother who clutter the board when we are busy, I am glad your message was hidden but see that is no longer the case and in place of asking asking about a roster you’re asking where to find managers.

I have had a number of leagues over a number of years and see no chance of a new dynasty succeeding with only four people to start and beating the bushes to fill it and asking for money on top. JMO

Thank you for responding. I appreciate your opinion. I aim to be respectful of the forum and didn’t see any verbiage stating that we couldn’t discuss organizing leagues and connecting with others who enjoy fantasy football. And, let’s be honest, this area of the forum isn’t that busy. There is plenty of space for more topics and conversations without clutter to hopefully grow the Dynasty community.

Portraying my post as soliciting money is unfair. I’ve been a FantasyPros customer for a while, and I suspect that most subscribers participate in leagues where contributions towards winnings are more common than not. In my view, joining leagues with strangers—who become friends through the game—is part of the fun. Two of my favorite leagues, one baseball and one football, consist entirely of people I’ve never met in person. The football league, specifically, is a 48-team league with individuals I don’t know, formed through similar efforts in forums and communities of people who enjoy fantasy.

I’d add that many other major fantasy sites offer specific forum sections for “leagues looking for owners and vice versa.” Maybe a dedicated section here would help keep conversations on that topic separated. I’d admit that such areas can be littered with scams, so diligence and using platforms like LeagueSafe are crucial.

We may not agree on this, but I’ve read several of your posts and comments and would certainly welcome your thoughts when I do have roster questions. Lots of good feedback.