Need of TE for Kupp

i am in need of a TE

my lineup is:

my bench:

just recieved this offer:
kupp for thielen and mcbride or kincaid

should i go for it and with what TE?

Thanks in advance!

my personal opinion here. I would go for Kincaid 100%. every other read allen looks for is Kincaid. Does he have any other WRs you like or you think you can get instead of Thelien? Theilen is not bad at all, but curious to what else he has

he would offer me thielen or addison

Yeah then i guess thielen since Jefferson is coming back. what you can do is counter and say you want Thelien, Addison and Kincaid. he gets Kupp and Pierce. Try that

Thielen has fallen off as has his team. TEs are great but not worth it without more as was mentioned. I have Kincaid in 3 leagues.