Need Lineup assistance

I’m in Non-PPR league that rewards TEs with 2 points per 10 yards instead of 1 but still only bonuses when they reach 100 yards, just like WRs and RBs. The other variable in the league that matters is it rewards long TDs disproportionally. I need to start 3 of the following 5 player with a max of 2 TEs:
DJ Moore, CEH (I have Pacheco too but assuming he won’t play), Ferguson, Waller and Kraft. Your thoughts?

I think you need to find a new league. I HATE silly little scoring rule changes. Someone had waaay tooo much time on their hands. lol

DJ, CEH/Pacheco and Waller. Kraft is an easy one to rule out because he (and all Packers TE’s) have low upside and the Vikings are a sneaky tough defense. Ferguson is tempting over the CEH/Pacheco choice, but he’s more touchdown dependent than either RB, even with the yardage bonus. The KC starting RB will probably get a TD this week and get some yardage. Waller and Ferguson are a tough one too, but Tyrod Taylor at QB makes Waller the play because he seems to stretch out the field more as compared to DeVito and has fewer outstanding options. Plus, Ferguson and Waller are going up against equivalent matchups, so I’d go with the guy with higher upside.