Kelce or AJ Brown

I need to choose my last keeper. No round tie in and I can keep as long as I want. Already keeping Chase and Cubb. So, Kelce or AJ Brown for my last. Thanks.

Kelce gives you a 5+ pt per week advantage at one position. AJ Brown does not.

It would depend on your belief on a “Fountain of Youth” in KC. I do not and would choose 3 years of AJ vs I believe one of Kelce.

Yeah I will take 3 years of AJ vs who knows with Kelce. Father time is undefeated

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Kelce’s comparably old & crumbly and hit his ceiling last year, while Brown can put up similar numbers (or better) and is in his prime. He also scored the 4th most pts at WR in my league last year.

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