Keeper Decision at WR

Half-point Keeper league…can only keep one of these guys at WR:
Keenan Allen (cost me a 5th rounder)
CeeDee lamb (cost a 8th round)
Tee Higgins (cost a 15th)

Big value and a strong QB support for Higgins. Big upside for Lamb with decent value. Allen always dependable but cost me the highest pick.


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Lamb and Higgins. Two young and talented receivers, both in situations suited to their talents. They are also on teams with questionable defenses, so they will be in a lot of shootouts, meaning lots of target opportunities.

Add in the value they represent, and this is too easy.

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thanks but as i wrote, I can only keep one, so not so “easy”.

Allen for a 5th rounder is fair.
So is Lamb for an 8th rounder.
Higgins for a 15th rounder is a steal.

If you want the best receiver, keep Allen.
If you want the most upside, chose Lamb.
If you want the best value for money, Higgins is your guy.

There is no “right” or “wrong” here. That’s all down to your personal preferences.

Sorry, I misread. In that case, Lamb. He’s the best receiver in a high-powered offense. (yes, he is better than Cooper, IMO)