Jacksonville Change

This is good news for anyone holding Jaguars’ players:

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I have James Robinson riding the pine. I wonder how this will effect him and other Jags players?

You often see a boost when there is a change like this.


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I can only imagine how big of a relief this must be to the players. That locker room was toxic, and Meyer was responsible for that.

The icing on the cake for me was when rookie QB Trevor Lawrence had to go to the sideline and convince Meyer to send their best offensive player - James Robinson - back into the game. Everybody on the team witnessed that. That probably killed every last bit of support and loyalty Meyer might still have had in that locker room.

I don’t expect the Jags to necessarily go on a winning streak now. But they will play a lot better. Maybe they will make more mistakes, but they will also make more big plays. The players will act as if a weight has been lifted off their schedule. And they have 4 more weeks now to restore their pride.

The dynasty trade value for all Jaguars skill position players just went up.


Getting rid of Meyer is good for the Jags, the NFL and Fantasy Football. I’m still only interested in Robinson at this point until I see something from other players. I expect Bevel to lean into the running game more.