Is Pitts back? Or is this a mirage?

Kyle Pitts had a good week: 5 catches on 9 targets for 80 yards and a td. But is this what we can expect going forward? Or is this just a mirage?

Any thoughts?

He saw 8 targets in week 3, and 7 targets in week 1 already. His problem is the catch rate, which is rather low for a TE. It had gotten better over the pevious 2 weeks, which may have contributed to his targets rising again.

But 5/9 this week wasn’t exciting, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see his targets dropping back to 3-5 again. As long as Mariota is his QB, he will likely continue to see ups and downs in his production.

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Seems like he and London go back and forth on targets when they throw a bit.

Hard to trust either right now but hove to hold em.