Injury/Matchup Analysis Tool

I’ve been working on this tool for a few years. Basically looking for an easy view of where injuries and matchups might benefit certain players.
Here’s a little video explaining how it works, and finally, the actual interactive version. My goal is to take the guesswork out of what impact injuries have on the game!

I’d love any feedback, criticisms, comments or requests!

Thank you for taking the time to check it out.



It’s an interesting compilation of injury report data, but I’m not sure if managing a fantasy football team on the basis of Madden ratings is the best strategy.

I appreciate your thoughts!

I agree it doesn’t cover all the bases. I think my main motivation for using Madden stats was to rank the Offensive line. There really aren’t any individual stats to go by, and Madden at least gives some indication of value. To some extend the Defense too. There IS a positive correlation between total talent and points allowed, so it can be useful. But, for scoring positions I can definitely use a combination of scoring and targets etc.

Thanks again for checking it out!

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In all due respect, I admire the effort but see you exercising futility,

The NFL spends multi millions with the best of the best to research injuries.
IF you have something better or different, they are the ones to test, not a small forum looking fo a pat on the back. Brutal but honest.

I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I couldn’t agree more, the NFL has more tools and resources available to research injuries. However, I’m not sure you understand the point of this tool?

I’m trying to deliver to the average fan/fantasy footballer a high level view of how injuries might affect their expectations for a certain player. Not sure that requires multi-million dollars to figure out? But, it seems like you have a strong opinion on the matter, I’d love to know what you think I’m missing with regards to that objective!

Thanks again for offering your insights.