If Lamar Jackson is out ... Tua, Fields or Huntley?

If I need a fill in for Jackson, who would you go with?

Tua at NO
Fields at Seattle
Huntley at Cincy


I picked up Huntley to sub for Jackson. Nick Foles is starting for Chicago. Tua has a tough matchup against NO.

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I picked up Huntley as my Jackson replacement. Huntley was golden for me last week. I’ll roll with that as long as it lasts. I know this may be sacrilege, but Huntley might be better than Jackson at this point.

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Well. Huntley is now out.

I have these options

M Ryan

Yeah, Tua is next up for me.

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I feel your pain. Huntley is the SECOND QB I’ve lost to COVID this week. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Normally, I would say Tua, all things being equal. But Ryan against Detroit? That is just too rich a matchup. So here is the deal: Tua has the better floor, but Ryan has the better ceiling. Choose according to your own needs.