Hurts Hurting and Questionable

He sprained his shoulder and Schefter is saying he is uncertain on his playing Saturday.

CBS is saying Hurts is not likely to play. This SUCKS as he is my QB in the semi final game and drops the value of AJ in both playoff games. Add in Stevenson out and my wonderful weekend continues :frowning:

This doesn’t bode well:

I have moved on from Hurts and Taylor, my best two players, for playoff games.

Que Sera Sera, Whatever will be will be.

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I read this a little differently. My read is Hurts may be back for the championship week. He just needs one week off, maybe. If he comes back against New Orleans, that would still be pretty sweet, assuming we all last that long.

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I can almost guarantee he will be back for week 17. How do I know? Barring any week 16 surprises, I’ll play the Hurts owner in the championship game of my SFLEX dynasty… :no_mouth:


You might get me in south Beach if we make it that far. Just imagine a double dose of Jalen Hurts for two championship games! :laughing:

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I do have Hurts on IR, just not counting on his help. Lets face it, it would be silly for Philly to risk him with a good shot at a SB.

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