Gambling on Calvin Ridley

With the news that Falcon WR Calvin Ridley will miss the 2022 season due to a suspension for gambling, what should you do with him?

Obviously, he will be worthless in redraft leagues, but what about dynasty? He can file for reinstatement in February 2023. That doesn’t mean he will get it, but it is possible.

If you have him in a dynasty league, and you get a trade offer for Ridley with at least a 3rd round pick attached, I’d say take it.

If you don’t have him in a dynasty league, I’d avoid him unless he is part of a package that involves a much better player you need.

Both suggestions above are predicated on your league allowing you to sit him on your IR. If you have to keep him on your active roster, assuming you don’t have an extra large bench, dump him any way you can.