Full PPR 10 Team League. Needing a Flex spot

Must win game.

Need to choose 1 out of the 4. If you were choosing who would it be and why?

R. Stevenson
N. Collins.
J. Waddle.
K. Hunt.

I have Nakua and Thielen starting, Hall starting, Stroud starting, I had Gibbs starting he gave me 11 points. For the TE, I have McBride starting, Ravens Defense, and Tucker for Kicker.

Sorry to miss Waddle. Go with Nico.

I am glad I got a notification of your message.
I was stressing, then you said go with Nico.
I hurried and changed the lineup right before.
I put Nico in. Thank god! With his points, it put me 42.25 points ahead.
However, he does have Fields and Hockenson to play left tonight.
So crossing my fingers. Lol