G Davis for Puka?

Drop Gabe Davis for Puka Nacua Full PPR?

Honestly I would. I know Puka’s schedule is tough but Davis so boom or bust with more mouths to feed now.

I agree but be aware that Kupp is projected back after four weeks.

I would probly either hold Davis or drop him for someone who can help you all season long.

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Right…just that I do not see Puka becoming irrelevant for fantasy when Kupp returns.

No but targets go down and they want to run. Here’s a thought. Add Puka and put him on the trade block.

I to;d a friend to do this and he got DJ Moore. Ya never know.

Hmm will see how it goes. Not a bad idea actually,

If and when I have bad ideas I don’t post them. lol

When Kupp gets his 15 targets, where do you think Puka will get targets?

Not sure I’d be bragging about that.

Kupp plays the slot mostly mang. Nacua plays on the outside. If there’s anyone who will get lesser reps, it will be Kupp’s back up (Atwell). :relieved:

Nacua has already set a record for the most targets and receptions of any roOkie’s first 2 games in NFL history (and I swiped him up out of FA). :upside_down_face:

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No matter, I refer to targets not positions or reps.

Would it be much different than what Davis sees with Diggs as their #1?

Davis has the boom/bust label… I’d rather have Puka.

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Agreed. People be foolish to take Davis over Nacua. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Puka is a great story and addition. However, with Kupp no way he will get 20 target, maybe half. A legit WR 2 is great.