. 5pt ppr WR choice

In a 12 team half point ppr league and need to start 2 wr and flex…i assume Puka will be one but then leaning to G Wilson, and then debating Doubs over M Pittman, Kupp and G Davis. Which 3 would you say? I probably need upside a bit more than baseline. Thx

Kupp should be playing, so you’d start him over Puka. Wilson and Doubs would be the other two best choices.

If I had this group I’d tandem Kupp and Nacua - seeing that they don’t play the same WR position - then roll out Wilson (Thing #1) who has a plus matchup and is receiving passes by an improving Wilson (Thing #2). :relieved:

Wilson and Doubs to go with Puka. I hold on Kupp for now.