Fat Lenny Fournette

I see this, and think Fournette needs an immediate downgrade: Report: Leonard Fournette weighs almost 260 pounds, Bucs coaches aren't happy - ProFootballTalk

At this point, Rachaad White would seem to be “next man up” for the lead RB role. With solid receiving credentials in college, it is easy to see a future where Brady can rely on him as a dump-off back to replace Fat Lenny.

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If you browse the news history on Lenny, you will find that offseason overweight concerns range back well into his college years. Hasn’t stopped him so far, probably won’t stop him this year, either.

Though I have to admit… 260 pounds… :pig2: :joy:

Certainly worth keeping an eye on. And White is my favorite tier 2 rookie RB, even if Fournette gets back into shape.

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Just found this 2018 gem on Lenny’s Twitter timeline. Might be coming back to haunt him. :joy:

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I remember as recently as the 1980’s, when players would show up for training camp out of shape like this. William “the Fridge” Perry was notorious for it. But this was basically cause some of these players would spend the offseason not working out and eating like they were working out. Always a bad combo.