Dynasty Trade Value Chart from PFF

A number of different value views from PFF

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While the 2 QB values look normal, the PPR values are kind of crazy, with later picks having more value than earlier picks.

,Yeah, the names are ranked based in 2 QB and PPR differs greatly with a number of players. That said, I agree with them more than the other two. I believe it to be more of a complete picture with 2 years of all snap grads included with everything else. JMO.

My players ranks did not hurt. :slight_smile:

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I just mean the draft pick values, not the players themselves.

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Will take another look.

I’m confused. The PPR values are for the players but they are ranked in the 2 QB leagues which s much different. Yes?

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I get the difference in values for players, but a difference in draft pick values?

Sorry to say, but that’s just a random collection of unrelated numbers.

It begins with the 2 categories, “2QB” and “PPR”. That’s like trying to categorize cars only in “Petrol-engine powered” and “Pickups”. What if I have a petrol pickup? What if I have an electric sedan? This just doesn’t make sense.

Then, for more oddities:

Josh Allen is more valuable than Jalen Hurts in 2QB, Hurts is more valuable than Allen in PPR.

Josh Allen’s PPR value is 79% of his 2QB value.
Justin Fields’ PPR value is 97% of his 2QB value.

Patrick Mahomes is a lot more valuable than Justin Fields in 2QB (92 vs 79), but Fields is more valuable than Mahomes in PPR (77 vs 76).

And so on.

In 2 QB, the combined value of the 1.01 and 1.02 is 178 (89 each). But the combined value of the 2 top rookie QBs (Young, Stroud) is 104 (52 each).

In 2QB, Bijan is almost twice as valuable (89) as the best QB (Young/Stroud, 52 each).

Then there’s the oddity that later draft picks are more valuable than earlier ones.

Sorry to say, but that list is an embarrassment. If I was PFF, I’d pull it before more people see it.

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