Dream Trade Rodgers for Wilson!

I can’t believe I’m the only Packer fan who thought of this but am I crazy for thinking a Aaron Rodgers for Russell Wilson trade makes sense? Wilson is very upset with the coaching staff for not letting “Russ free”. The Packers staff let’s Rodgers audible when he wants and plays the more open offense with a dynamic running game available to open up that high octane offense. Also, the Packers o-line might keep Wilson off his back more on passing downs. Seattle’s front office, on the other hand, seems adept at putting contending rosters together and I suspect Rodgers would get along with Grampa Carrol better than Russ and maybe better than he gets along with LaFleur as he probably doesn’t like being told what to do by someone nearly his own age. This trade would also simplify the ridiculous combos of players and picks that would muddy any trade talks with other suitors. Just do Rodgers for Wilson and call it even
! ( BTW, Wilson played most of his college football for the University of Wisconsin and Rodgers would be much closer to his beloved California!)

Both players would recognize the issues with ending up on each others’ teams, and would nix the trade.

Didn’t know Rodgers and Wilson had clauses in their contracts that allowed them to nix trades.

I know Wilson does, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Rodgers did too.