August 16th Dynasty Draft Results

I just finished my semi-rookie dynasty draft tonight in my 16 team, superflex PPR league. I say “semi-rookie” since free agent veterans can be drafted. I had the 5th pick, as well as an extra 2nd round pick.

Here are my results:

1.5. QB CJ Stroud: This was almost too good to be true! I literally cackled, getting the safest QB pick in this draft. Apparently, the guy with the 4th pick fat-fingered it, and ended up drafting Denver’s defense instead of Bryce Young! So I probably would have gotten Stroud anyway, but the story is funnier with the mistake.

2.5. WR Jalin Hyatt: My team still needs some WR’s, and Hyatt could be a good one. He’s a speed burner in a WR corps with a lot of slot receivers.

2.14. TE Luke Musgrave: I couldn’t pass up Musgrave at this spot. Easily one of the top TE’s in a deep TE class.

3.5. QB Stetson Bennett: I missed him in my last draft, and I wasn’t going to miss him again. If any QB is going to thrive in the NFL as an undersized QB, it’ll be Bennett. Don’t be surprised if he ends up being Matthew Stafford’s successor.

4.5. QB Aidan O’Connell: Did I mention this is a superflex league with very deep rosters? QB is at a heavy premium, so I decided to take a dart throw here. O’Connell had a monster game for the Raiders against the 49ers last weekend (15-18, 141 yards, 1 td). I know it’s just preseason, but O’Connell was highly accurate in college. This year’s Brock Purdy? The irony of that occurrence surely wouldn’t be lost on Raiders starting QB Jimmy Garappolo.

Overall, walking out of this draft with 3 QB’s may seem overkill, but I can trade one or two of them for some other position players I need.

You mean Young was on the board and you drafted Stroud??

Did you see the first preseason game??

Don’t you know Stroud is a QB from Ohio State??

What DO they teach in these schools…

And Jamarr Chase dropped a lot of passes in his preseason debut. Stroud will work through it. This is a new offense with a rookie QB. Expect a few kinks to be worked out.

He’s still from Ohio State.

The list of QBs from Ohio State is long and fruitless. Mike Tomzcak was probly the best–of the passers, anyway. The jury’s still out on Fields; he hasn’t shown much passing ability, but he makes up for it with his feet. Dwayne Haskins, JT Barrett, Cardale Jones, Braxton Miller, Troy Smith, Terrelle Pryor, the list of busts just goes on and on.

Alabama QBs have typically been much more successful in the NFL, and that appears to be the case again this class.

You fumbled that one.

Stroud nearly beat Georgia’s national championship team in the playoffs by himself, only foiled when his kicker missed a chip shot FG. How close did Bryce Young get to a national championship? The fumble is yours.

Look at that list above (also thought of Bobby Hoying and Joe Germane)–they were all GREAT college QBs, just like Stroud was…

…and all of them stunk in the NFL, just as Stroud did in his debut.

Maybe you buck the trend for a while, maybe you don’t, but trends usually end up bucking back–and then you’re bucked.

It only takes one great QB to buck a trend. Name all the great QB’s from Northern Iowa. Well, there was Kurt Warner, and then…Kurt Warner.

How about Louisville? There was Johnny Unitas, and…Johnny Unitas.

By the way, you know Joe Burrow started as a backup at Ohio State, before transferring to LSU? He’s kind of an ok QB, don’t you think?

Hey, you’re a gambler. I respect that. You’re willing to shoot for that one-in-a-million chance rather than taking the sure-fire ho-hum slam dunk.

You put your money on #7 and spun the roulette wheel…

…and now we wait for the ball to settle.