Damn Stevenson burned me : now what

Oh well just my luck . Burned bad

So now Wilson over Gaskin

U guys agree

Starting Miami def over packs def


Osbourn over G davis and Lazard

Any suggestions welcome

Thanks and gl all

I agree with all.

Wilson > Gaskin (edit - see below)
Fins DST > Pack DST
Osborn > Gabe Davis & Allen Lazard

Edit: I looked into the wrong week for Gaskin - he’s playing the Jets this week, which does make him an intriguing option as well. Actually, I don’t see a huge difference between Wilson (vs. ATL) and Gaskin. But if you are looking for upside (and you do), Gaskin may actually be the better option.

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Thanks so much
Just did all and hoping for best :grin:

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