CMC for Henry/Cooper?

0.5ppr redraft
10 team league - 3wr/2rb/2flx
Sitting at 8-2

Was offered D Henry and A Cooper for CMC.
Should I accept?

My Team:
QB: Kyler, Fields
WR: Kupp, Hopkins, Lamb, Sutton, K Allen, W Robinson
RB: CMC, Saquon, Swift, B Robinson, K Hunt
TE: Freiermuth, Waller (IR)

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I don’t see Cooper as a guy who would start for you, and Henry is just a CMC replacement. I’d have to decline.

Would our league being 3wr/2rb/2flx change your thoughts?

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Not really. You have enough good WR’s that Cooper isn’t needed.

Thanks buddy.
Definitely some worry playing a role losing Kupp.

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As of now, you really only have two RBs and in my view Henry will outscore CMC
playing in the LA split with Mitchell and I expect Deebo to take some snaps away as well. It is good for CMC staying healthy but not good for his score.

Currently Henry is about twice as good as CMC, due to getting twice the touches of a part-time RB like CMC. So you’re winning big-time there. Then you get an additional WR2 thrown in on top.

What was the question again?